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What 's a Heat Pump

What is a heat Pump?

What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a significantly more energy-efficient heating and cooling alternative to standard furnaces and air conditioners.  They run on electricity which lessens the need to burn fossil fuel. This results in an environmental benefit as it leads to less greenhouse gas emissions.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

In warmer weather heat pumps cool interior spaces by extracting heat from indoors and sending it outdoors. Alternatively, in colder weather the heat pump works by extracting heat from outside air and transfers it to interior spaces. Heat pumps are therefore one system that provides both heating and cooling.

The two most used in Canada are:

Ducted heat Pumps

Ducted heat Pumps

The indoor coil of the heat pump is located in a duct. Air is heated or cooled by passing over the coil before being distributed via the ductwork to different locations in the home.

Ductless heat Pumps

Ductless heat Pumps

The indoor coil of the heat pump is located in an indoor unit. These indoor units are generally located on the floor or wall of an occupied space and heat or cool the air in that space directly.

Supplementary Heat Sources

Because air-source heat pumps have a minimum outdoor operating temperature of between -15°C to -25°C and reduced heating capacity at very cold temperatures, it is important to consider a supplemental heating source for air-source heat pump operations. These include;

  • All Electric: In this configuration heat pump operations are supplemented with electric resistance elements located in the ductwork or with electric baseboards.
  • Hybrid System: In a hybrid system, the air-source heat pump uses a supplemental system such as a furnace or boiler.

Heat Pump Installation

Air-source heat pumps should only be installed by a qualified contractor. Our professionals at Air Flex Heating and Cooling have over 30 years experience and are ready to answer all your questions so don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our installation crews are well trained with years of experience in heat pumps service and installation.

Heat Pump Services

We offer 24-hour emergency service and repairs. We also service all makes and models of residential/commercial heating & cooling systems. When other companies say it can’t be fixed, give us a call! We’ll provide immediate fast and reliable service. Our service trucks are fully stocked with a wide range of furnace, air conditioner and heat pump parts to get you back up and running in no time.

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Heat Pump Rebates

Heat Pump Rebates


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